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Predictions for Fashion Trends in 2022, with Convenience as the Key

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The evolution of fashion trends is a continuous process. Not only around the world, but also in Indonesia, where fashion trends differed before and after the pandemic. 

At the Shopee Fashion Week 2021 press conference titled Inspiration for the Latest Fashion Trends, Jesslyn Lim, Fashion Enthusiast and Shopee Fashion Week 2021 Style Battle Judge, revealed this. 

“Before the pandemic, our fashion was the same; after the pandemic, it was drastically different.” Whereas before the pandemic, clothes were more layered, now there is pop up color, so if you walk through the mall, for example, it stands out,” he said on Monday (November 29, 2021).

Meanwhile, people who previously preferred bright colors are now preferring more neutral clothing colors as a result of the pandemic. 

Instead of emphasizing bright colors, today’s society prefers neutral-colored clothing that is easy to wear. 

“But now,” Jesselyn continued, “the color choices are subtle, monochrome, beige, basic colors, skin color.” 

“And the variety of clothing designs is back,” he continued, “where the clothes we wear tend to be used for their comfort.” 

During this pandemic, for example, loungewear has become one of the hottest fashion trends.

The reason for this is that loungewear, in addition to providing comfort during activities at home, is also extremely versatile. 

“So, for example, I am comfortable wearing this at home, and then there is a Zoom meeting, so you can wear the same clothes. That is right, it is now fashionable to wear loungewear “He came to a conclusion. 

In addition, sportswear has become a new trend, with clothes being worn not only for exercise but also for other activities. 

The 26-year-old woman predicts that versatile or versatile clothing will become a fashion trend in 2022 as a result of some of these differences in trends. 

As a result, one type of clothing can be worn in a variety of styles and for a variety of occasions. 

This allows us to mix and match the clothes we wear on a daily basis.

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“By 2022, I expect to see more color shifts to more subtle hues. Then perhaps the clothes we choose will be more versatile, allowing us to wear them multiple times,” he explained. 

“Crop tops, tank tops, vests, and cargo pants can all be mixed and matched.” It is more there because they are still comfortable. Monochrome colors may also be more popular,” Jesselyn continued. 

Finally, she emphasizes that fashion trends in 2022 will be more concerned with comfort. 

Because most people will continue to spend more time at home as long as the pandemic continues. 

“Because it is back, yes, this is still a pandemic, so fashion is still a priority for daily adjustments, where there are still many activities at home,” she says. “As a result, all fashion trends are returning to comfort,” he concluded.

These are some fashion trends predicted for 2022. Do you agree with Jesselyn Lim’s assessment of comfort-oriented trends?


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