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2022 Fashion Trends and Colors Illuminate Idol

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Stay at Ease with Eye-Catching Colors and Patterns

As we approach 2022, fashion trends will undoubtedly change, with a plethora of new trends that are becoming increasingly interesting and are expected to boom in the coming year. 

Many bright and bright colors that can be combined with other solid colors will dominate the 2022 fashion trend. 

Furthermore, the fashion model trend in 2022 will be dominated by streetwear style and modern interpretations of classic fashion.

Are you interested in the fashion trends that are expected to boom in 2022? The information below is summarized below. 

1. Beginning in the summer of 2022, the fashion trend will be bright yellow. 

Bright yellow is the first fashion trend predicted to take off in 2022. Yes, the spring and summer of 2022 are ideal times to experiment with bright colors to support any activity. 

Photo by Dom Hill on Unsplash

If pale yellow dominates the fashion trend in 2021, a classic sunlight hue with a touch of neon, such as radiant yellow, is predicted to be a new color trend in 2022. 

2. This time, there’s a plaid skirt that’s appropriate for a casual look.

This plaid or plaid motif has indeed become one of the popular clothes in the fashion industry. However, who would have thought that in the 2022 fashion trend, plaid skirts will re-enter as clothing that is predicted to boom in the coming new year.

Photo by Marionel Luciano on Unsplash

Having a simple yet elegant motif, it’s no wonder that plaid skirts have finally become the choice of many people to combine with various other outfit inspirations.

3. In addition to yellow clothing, silver clothing is expected to grow in popularity in 2022.

Many people choose silver clothing to make a fancy and elegant impression when attending various celebrations. Even so, you can still wear silver-colored clothing for daily activities.

Photo by Maksat Zhumanov on Unsplash

Yes, you can wear it with other casual clothes, such as a sweater with a silver skirt or a silver shirt with jeans or shorts.


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