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New Generation of Malaysians Shop Value-Based Online

New generations of Malaysians are shopping with purpose online — Shopee's marketplace data shows online consumers are three times more likely to buy products that promote smarter consumption in 2023 than in 2020. Malaysians...

Learn about the Person Behind the Clothing Color

To begin a more cheerful new year, have a variety of clothing color options.  A person's personality can be seen not only in their nature, but also in the clothes or exterior appearance...

Where to Look for Fashion Inspiration

Inspiration for fashion can come from anywhere, and the best style resources are right at your fingertips. 1. Begin with people you already know. Pull in your most basic resources: family and friends,...

Fashion Myths: Six “Facts” About the Fashion Industry Explained

The good news is that we now have access to more accurate, robust, and in-depth data on the fashion industry than we did previously. What is the bad news, exactly? Misinformation is...

Fashion Experts Reveal Must-Know Industry Trends for 2022

The New Year has arrived, which means your inbox will be flooded with trend reports. Do not be alarmed by the flood of emails. From Business of Fashion, WWD, and Vogue Business,...

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