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Hijab Fashion Trend

Islamic Clothing Market Size, Share, and Trends Analysis Report, 2018 - 2025, By Product (Ethnic Wear, Sustainable Fashion, Sportswear), By Region (Middle East &...

Fashion Industry Statistics: The 4th Largest Sector is About Much More Than Clothing

The issues surrounding the fashion industry are complex and important. It has a massive impact on the environment, society, and the economy. According to...

Marketing and the Media 

Fashion marketing relies heavily on media of all kinds. In the late 18th century, the first fashion magazines appeared in England and France. Fashion...

The Apparel Industry’s Evolution from Hardwear to Quickwear

The garment business is one of the oldest and most important in the western world's economic history. Unidentified bird bones have been discovered as...

Fashion Industry: Several Points to Consider

The fashion industry is made up of a variety of smaller, more niche industries. Many people only think of online stores, design houses and...

The 15 Rules Every Man Should Know About Dressing Well

There are already too many rules in life. Some, on the other hand, are there to assist. The rules that govern how to dress...

Fashion in Korea vs. Fashion in the United States

Every country has its own dress style. Those styles are influenced by their respective civilizations. Although there are few substantial distinctions between Korean and...

Retailing, Marketing, and Merchandising in the Fashion Industry

The clothing must be sold after they have been developed and created. However, how do garments go from the factory to the customer? Retail...

What Exactly Is a Brand?

The phrase "brand" refers to a commercial and marketing idea that allows consumers to recognize a specific firm, product, or person. Brands are intangible,...

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